Ever since being introduced to the world of photography, I have observed and experienced a lack of seriousness shown to this medium of art in Pakistan. Realizing a lack of forum dedicated to photographers led to the inception of Tasweerghar in 2015. It is the first and only photography forum dedicated to providing photographers, a space to showcase their work and build a community around it. Behind this initiative, our aim is to bring together the photography community through interactive sessions while also providing them with a chance to experiment with their medium. Through our efforts, we intend on developing a sound understanding of this medium in the next generations of practitioners.













Our Objective

Since 2015, Tasweerghar has focused on the following objectives:
• Building a community of photographers
• Promote works and experimentation
• Build a bridge between experienced and upcoming photographers
• Developing knowledge about works/photo-essays/theory and ongoing debates around photography
• Spread awareness concerning legal aspects around photography such as copyrights and visual plagiarism.